These conferences bring together artists from broad backgrounds that represent the three major components of carnival: Steelpan, Masquerade and Calypso and make them accessible to all



Haroun Shah

Born in San Fernando, Trinidad, Prof. Shah has led a dual career in science and carnival Arts: PhD (University of London, Science (1981). He has had senior academic appointments at 4 universities for 35 years; 2 sabbaticals abroad. Wrote/edited 3 science books and published > 200 peer-reviewed science papers relating to nano-technologies and human diseases. He is currently, visiting chair at Middlesex University, London, Department of Natural Sciences and in 2019 lecturer on the Masters in Carnival Arts. He has played steelpan from  youth in Trinidad. Member of Nostalgia steelband from 1988 and co-director from 1998. He has organised carnival arts conferences biennially from 2006 -2018; 2020 in progress and since 2018, has been a board director, Notting Hill Carnival Limited.  

Laila Shah

Laila is currently studying for her master's in chemistry at King’s College London. She has participated in Notting Hill Carnival (NHC) from 11 months and though she has tutored on several musical instruments, her passion is for steelpan, playing with Nostalgia Steelband from aged 7. Inspired by a visit to Trinidad 2013, she arranged her first tune for NHC in 2013 and won the band its first NHC award in many years. She has toured with the band in Europe, China and Trinidad. She has been a youth organiser/presenter for steelpan conferences in 2012-2018; now working for 2021. As of 2019, she is a trustee of the Carnival Village Trust.
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