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Steelpan, Calypso and Mas


The 7th International Biennial Steelpan Conference held between 19th-21st  October, 2018 at London’s Notting Hill Carnival Village Trust (Tabernacle) produced a broad spectrum of papers on steelpan, calypso and mas. Previous meetings held at the University of East London between 2006 - 2014 and the Tabernacle 2016, similarly resulted in a plethora of diverse presentations. Whilst abstracts of these papers are compiled into the conference books, the material is highly condensed and remain largely inaccessible to interested researchers and practitioners worldwide. Therefore, a major output of this conference is to establish an online journal to publish full papers of these meetings that will serve as an in-depth, readily accessible reference source of these events. 

As we prepare for our next conference in October 2020, a similar carnival arts conference is being planned for late September 2019 in Toronto at York University. To retain the immense value of these presentations, the organisers of these conferences are seeking to establish a portal for authors to expand their abstracts to full length papers and stimulate others who are unable to attend these meetings and to share their thoughts with readers and participants of these conferences. We envisage that this compilation will lead to the establishment of an “International Journal of Carnival Arts”  that will lead to a focused resource that develops globally and will be significantly expanded beyond the limitations of the conference books.


In the first instance, papers will be reviewed in-house but the intention is to develop a senior editorial board comprising several centres such as Middlesex University, London, UK, University of the West Indies, York University, Canada, Inver Hills Community College, Minnesota, USA, University of Trinidad and Tobago, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France and a team of international professionals and experts. We aim to eventually establish quarterly issues of the highest possible academic standard that will serve as a forum and archive for carnival arts across the globe.  However, non-academic relevant articles are also welcomed. A specialist sub-editorial board will be subsequently phased in expedite publication.

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