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Journal of Carnival Arts

A few reasons to publish in the Journal of Carnival Arts

Much of the history of carnival arts; steelpan, calypso and mas is oral; facts often based on personal views and the memory of individuals. We believe that the journal provides a forum for various views to be expressed and, in doing so, consensus will eventually be derived that reflects a more accurate history of carnival arts.

Academic papers in carnival arts are published in highly specific and inaccessible journals that are outside the realm of the general public. We anticipate that this journal will allow authors of such papers to extract some of their work and bring it to this journal where grassroots enthusiasts can appreciate their work.Post-graduate students are doing tremendous work on various aspects of carnival arts and will continue to publish their work in well-established recognised journals for their own career development. However, we feel this journal could be used by such students to draw attention to their esteemed work to make it more available to the general public.The grassroots workers of steelpan, calypso and mas who drive the development of these artforms are often excluded from direct publication of their valuable work. This journal provides an informal means to get their work aired and brought to the forefront.Some of legends of carnival arts for example steelpan pioneers such as Anthony Williams and Bobby Mohammed are still active. Such individuals contributed to key stages in development of steelpan. They may be interviewed, and their work brought to light using this journal.

We are encouraging all to write and capture a holistic view of carnival arts and not feel intimidated by language and grammar - papers will be edited with their consent and brought to the attention of enthusiastic public.

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