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Read Volume 1 of the IJCA

IJCA is an online journal launched by a consortium of artists, musicians, teachers, historians and academics around the world who are passionate about Carnival Arts. We want to use a new approach for sharing studies and analysis of the history, evolution and contribution that Steelpan, Mas, Calypso and other related carnival disciplines have made to culture and the arts everywhere.

We are launching a web-based journal where research is captured in documents that any passionate, active or a keen observer of carnival arts can submit. Our Editorial Board consists of volunteer peers who will work to ensure that the accuracy and uniqueness of the work is reflected in each published paper. We want to encourage individuals to narrate key events in Mas, Calypso and Pan that they have experienced, relate accounts of individuals – particularly ‘unsung heroes’ – who have made contributions as yet undocumented, and articulate their own views on the history and future development of carnival arts. Everyone is an author!

Journals, in our opinion, should not be restricted to academic research nor restricted to specific societies. Knowledge propels progress and innovation, creating a platform to celebrate and exchange views and ideas which can bring carnival artists from around the globe into a virtual and mutually supportive community that can learn, perform and grow together.

We have a history of opening new horizons and encouraging international conferences and workshops which have paved the way for launching this journal. In fact after 15 years of bringing a free and accessible series of international conferences and workshops, we are confident that the passion to document and share our knowledge and experiences of all aspects of carnival arts, steelpan, calypso, soca, chutney and carnival music and mas – including design, mas bands, parades, symbolic figures, history and culture – is overwhelming and will drive this new initiative.

IJCA is an open and cost-free all-inclusive journal that promises to capture the enormous breadth of carnival arts and translate the predominantly oral narrative of carnival arts into a living, visible and accessible record.

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